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Cornus Kousa Satomi

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You really should have a viburnum in your landscape. They are wonderful plants, and with all the varieties to choose from at least one is sure to interest you.


Viburnum (Doublefile)  
8-10 ft height and slightly wider at maturity.

Leaves are dark green in spring and summer. Reddish purple in fall.

White flowers in spring have no fragrance but are born abundantly along stem above foliage. Red colored fruit changing to black in summer which the birds quickly devour.

There are a number of different cultivars of double file out there now.  Flowers are the same but the growing habits differ.


Close ups of flowers

Viburnum Doublefile

Viburnum Doublefile flowers

Viburnum Doublefile flowers

Viburnum Doublefile in Fall



Viburnum Sargentii (Onondaga)
Grows 6-7' high and almost as wide.
Foliage is a velvety dark maroon when young and keeps a hint of maroon through the season.

Flower buds are maroon red opening to creamy white starting at the outside.  Gradually most of the flower is open and can be white with a touch of pink.
Sometimes I am lucky and have repeat blooms throughout the season.

This plant has grown quite a bit since this picture was taken.

I had this viburnum for sale at the nursery but nobody was interested until they saw the one in bloom in the yard.  Sometimes you have to trust your local nursery person to steer you in the right direction.

Viburnum Onondaga with flowers
Viburnum Onondaga flowers This close up shows the flowers are starting to open from buds.  The buds have been on the shrub for awhile giving an extended color to the shrub.
Another view of the flowers of Viburnum Onondaga Viburnum Onondaga flowers

Viburnum opulus nanum

This selection grows very densely to form a compact mound of maple-like foliage only 2' tall and slightly wider. It rarely flowers or fruits, but its neat habit makes it useful nonetheless as a filler plant or in rockgardens. The plant prefers good air circulation and soil drainage.

Viburnum opulus nanum
Viburnum opulus nanum closeup Even though it rarely flowers or fruits you can see from the photo that we got an occasional flower.  One year we had quite a few.  I was really surprised to see that.

Viburnum plicatum 'Newzam' Newport
or Nanum Newport
Dwarf Doublefile Viburnum

This is a slow growing dwarf viburnum. It's listed at going 4' tall by 5' wide. Ours is only 3' after quite a few years.

Viburnum flowre A closer look at the flower.

Viburnum dentatum 'Patzam' (Pathfinder™)

This is a new cultivar that grows upright to 6' tall and 4' wide. It has handsome foliage that is glossy dark green and serrated.

It may be useful where a smaller plant is needed.

I've read it suckers profusely from the base and have been noticing that in the past year as ours has gotten older.

Viburnum Pathfinder
Viburnum Pathfinder  flowers Close up of flowers.  They are flat topped and the bloom time is later than the doublefile.






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